Our Campus Ambassadors / Noah Rennert


Noah Rennert

Washington University in St. Louis


Why St. Louis?

St. Louis reminds me of Bridgeport, CT - a city I lived in and love - and is home to WashU, my top choice for university. There are tons of awesome facets to the city - the City Museum, Forest Park, the Chess scene - and the community of young people here inspires me to believe St. Louis's struggles can be overcome. 

Why Full Circle?

I am often hesitant to throw my whole heart behind issues, but civic engagement is one cause that I will fight for. Specifically, young people who are privileged enough to attend university owe it to the communities they are educated in to dedicate their lives to careers which directly benefit the surrounding area. Full Circle's mission of connecting St. Louis's young people to one another and the local economy is crucial to creating positive change in area.


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