Our Campus Ambassadors / Meagan Burwell


Meagan Burwell

University of Missouri - St. Louis


Why St. Louis?

As a St. Louis native, I have an inherent love for the city. As I’ve grown up and explored, my appreciation for the depth and variety of culture, people, and opportunities has grown immensely. St. Louis has so much to offer, from big attractions to hidden gems; every trip to a neighborhood, new or familiar, feels like an adventure. I am excited to be a student while St. Louis continues to establish itself as a leader in innovation and economic growth. St. Louis provides me many great things, but there is still room and resources for me to affect change and seek improvements for the city and the people who live here.

Why Full Circle?

Full Circle offers me a platform from which I can attract my peers to becoming active in their community, both socially and professionally. Although I am passionate about the city myself, I am excited for Full Circle to reach more students with unique events and opportunities, resulting in a civically engaged and connected base of young professionals. Collaboration among students across several local universities will open doors that would not have been otherwise. Full Circle brings the rich context and potential of St. Louis to the attention of college students, and I am proud to be a driver of exciting young people to invest in themselves, each other, and their city.


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