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Laura Berry



Why St. Louis?

I have always felt part of the St. Louis community living only 30 minutes away from the city my entire life. Growing up, St. Louis meant trips to the Zoo, attending Cardinal games, and eating pasta on the Hill. When I decided to go to college at St. Louis University, I grew even closer to the city. I got to experience more when it comes to the diverse cultures and people that call St. Louis home. I also realized that there are so many opportunities for me to make a difference in St. Louis, which is one of the reasons why I decided to get a degree in Public Health.

Why Full Circle?

Full Circle has helped me to see yet another aspect of St. Louis by connecting me with other students, recent graduates, and young professionals. When I graduated from SLU 6 months ago, I had no idea where to start my career. Full Circle helped me find a place to start by connecting me with companies and professionals that I share interests with, and they are doing the same for hundreds of other college students and recent grads.


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