Our Campus Ambassadors / Dallas Selle


Dallas Selle

University of Missouri - St. Louis


Why St. Louis?

I grew up in a suburb right outside of St. Louis and after my high school graduation I couldn't wait to leave, I felt St.Louis had "nothing to offer". I moved to Virginia Beach for a change of scenery, and quickly I began to realize how many things I had taken for granted in St. Louis. After a few years on the east coast I found myself back in St. Louis to go back to school, and this time I wanted the real St. Louis city experience. I moved to South Grand and I truly began to fall in love with St. Louis. The city was typically associated with danger and an area to stay out of but I realized how misrepresented St. Louis actually is. I’m able to now appreciate how much the city truly does have to offer; every neighborhood has its own personality, culture and reason that it’s special. The city offers so many free things to do, there’s always live music somewhere, the local parks are amazing, the food is incredible, and I can always find a parking spot. There's also an incredible amount of opportunity here that I never realized before because I never took the time to actually look. It took me sometime to realize but I couldn’t be more proud to call St. Louis my hometown.

Why Full Circle?

Full Circle was a natural fit for me. Full Circle represents the network I didn't realize existed. St. Louis is an amazing city with really talented people in every direction who want to make this city even better; Full Circle is taking the initiative to help make it happen. Full Circle provides an opportunity for the up and coming leaders to truly impact our city and collaborate to make the impact stronger and more powerful. The organization is not only connecting people to the city but also to other people with similar goals trying to each other.


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