Introducing Beef And A Toast, A Fun & Funky Twist to Civic and Student Engagement



No meat involved, but there will be a toast!

We're rolling out Beef And A Toast as a series for young people to get to know the city and have an honest and intimate discussion with the people leading the civic and social changes they're passionate about. Every city has its issues, or as they're lovingly called, opportunities. St. Louis is no different, and it's a city that wants you at the center of these opportunities to make an impact. Your voice and actions matter, and this city knows it.

At Full Circle, we believe in connecting young people with each other and all that St. Louis has to offer. Through Beef And A Toast, we're looking forward to gathering together students and young talent from different colleges and backgrounds for conversations that matter. We know first hand how frustrating the gap between class work and real world impact can be. With Beef And A Toast, we want to give you the opportunity to make a real difference in the city that you study and live in. For our speakers, we want to give community leaders a chance to gain new perspectives on the issues they're passionately working on and the potential to work with young and engaged individuals. If you have some beef with St. Louis and want to be part of the solution, apply to be a speaker!

This series is held in partnership with Venture Café, and we are proud and honored to be a part of their efforts to expand the definition of innovation to address challenges facing the human condition, build an inclusive economy with participants from diverse backgrounds, and connect innovation communities with opportunities for serendipitous collisions to take place in a meaningful way. Venture Café doesn't just talk the talk. We're excited to introduce college students and young talent to the energy and over 500 attendees at Venture Café's weekly Thursday gatherings.

The Inaugural Beef And A Toast

Ed Domain
Urban Transportation, or Lack Of It

Thursday, May 12th
@ Venture Café
RSVP REQUIRED | Limited to 15 spots

Ed is the CEO & Founder of Techli delivering innovation news and in-depth editorial on the technology, businesses and ideas that are changing the way we live, work, and play. Many of you may know him as the leading figure fighting to bring Uber to St. Louis after a personally traumatic car accident while in a taxi. A broader conversation on equitable and accessible urban transportation needs to be had. We're excited for the thoughts and insights that you'll bring to the table.

Let's discuss our beef with St. Louis and toast to being part of the solution.

For an intimate discussion, only 15 spots are available. There will be a wait-list.