DJ Chris Brown: Offbeat Engineer

DJ Chris Brown is evolving into one of the top DJs in the St. Louis area performing at places like Wheelhouse, Three Sixty, and other STL favorites. Chris is originally from the Chicago suburbs, but has lived in the St. Louis area since attending college at Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville. Chris graduated from SIUE with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, but his love for music and skill as a DJ put him on a path much different than his formal education degree. Full Circle met up with Chris and talked about how he's taking the STL DJ scene by storm.  

Social Handles: Website - & Instagram - @deejaychrisbrown

why you?

The fact that I am a full time DJ, and I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I think it's interesting that I can always go get a mechanical engineering job, but it's not something that I think I want to do. I like what I do now, and I am good at it. Right now I am part of two national booking agencies. One is called Scratch Music Group, and they're out of New York. The other is DEFTAL, which is located in Vegas. I am also part of a local booking agency. I have a large client base that ranges from sororities to cruise ships. I also recently received St. Louis Magazine's A-list award. My motto is to never be satisfied. I want to meet more people, make more connections, and create new possibilities for others and myself.

why now?

I have finally found my stride. The past two years have been really good. I have been DJing for 10 years, from the time that I bought my equipment until now. When I first started pursuing DJing as a career, it was a struggle. Now, I think that my hard work is paying off. I have met a lot of really cool people, and I have built strong relationships. A lot of the old DJs that I've looked up to are starting to see me as a peer, and the new crop of DJs that are coming up view me as someone with experience that they can ask questions to. I now have valuable advice to give, whether it be creative suggestions or advice on how to drive business.

why stl?

I am from Chicago, and I love Chicago. St. Louis has often seemed small to me, and I have found it challenging at times because of limited opportunities. But the fact that it is small has helped me in my career. It has allowed me to build better relationships with the people I work for, which I appreciate a lot. I've thought about leaving St. Louis but every time I do, something better happens. Something new comes along and that makes it exciting to be here.

why full circle?

I like the idea of Full Circle, a group of young people bringing young people together. The networking aspect of that is very appealing. It's not often that I get to meet young people of sound mind at work. Having the opportunity to learn something or perhaps teach something to a peer is exciting to me.