Chi Doshi: Nerd with aspirations to be Iron Man

Chi Doshi is a recent alum of Saint Louis University, a fan of Cardinals baseball, Blues hockey, and yes, even Rams football. He just celebrated his one year anniversary at Boeing as a structural loads and dynamics engineer. Talk about adulting! Full Circle sat down with Chi at the Saint Louis Science Center, the place where Chi begged his parents to take him every Sunday as a child, worked at for three summers, and may have even sparked his love for engineering, to get to know this Young & Upcoming STL native.

Why you?

I am 23, working full time at Boeing, and love being part of many different circles both inside and outside of work. I’ve joined the Asian-American Chamber of Commerce, the Boeing Asian-American Professional Association, and the Boeing Hispanic Employee Network. I’m not Hispanic; but, I volunteered for them and was asked to be a part of the association. I have also been involved with the Boeing Reach, a young employee networking group helping employees become acclimated to St. Louis and full time work.   

Why now?

I am getting a handle on the job that I am currently doing. It’s getting to the point where I can do my job without much interference by my technical leadership. I’m always looking to move on to bigger and better things. Right now I work in Loads and Dynamics-which means I work on vibrations and environments-for weapons. I’m focusing on vibrations, shocks, and impacts, which can be pretty simple at times. I'm hoping to move to more complex roles, particularly in aircraft development.

Why STL?

This is where I grew-up. It’s my hometown. I love the Cardinals. I love the Blues. I love the Rams even though they just left. St. Louis has such a strong heritage. It was the second largest theater district in the country. It was one of the top four cities in the country for a while. It had the third biggest airport, and I love airplanes. Charles Lindbergh pretty much worked in St. Louis for most of his life, and he got the idea of flying across the ocean while he was doing a paper route from here to Chicago. The heritage of St. Louis is much more than what people see today.

Why Full Circle?

It’s fun! There are a lot of really cool people. Tyler is a great guy who got me into it, and I enjoy meeting all of the people and meeting different walks of life. I’m a guy who believes very strongly that you learn more the more people you meet, and learning people’s experiences makes you grow as a person as well. I love meeting new people and hearing stories. I usually don’t talk much, but I enjoy listening to what others have to say.