Andrew Lee

Washington University in St. Louis


Why St. Louis?

The St. Louis startup ecosystem has been on an exponential growth trend over the past few years, joining other major cities in the Midwest. More startups here have access to capital than ever and are growing at unprecedented paces. When St. Louis finds its own "GrubHub," it'll truly hit its meteoric rise. With more startup and small business success, comes economic growth and cultural spread. This potential that St. Louis has is the most attractive quality for me about St. Louis. Coupled with the Midwestern flavor, St. Louis is on track to become a collaborative and dense network of young and experienced talent.

Why Full Circle?

Full Circle to me represents an organization that is an active part of the solution to the problem that is present at WashU and many other schools in St. Louis. Our students are disconnected from the city around us, often describe to be within a bubble that is our campus. By connecting the young talent to opportunities to get involved with the deepest issues of St. Louis, Full Circle provides an outlet for those that want to be a part of the movement here.


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